Reading List
For Lyme Patients:
Dr Burrascano’s Document “Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease”   informs my choice of antibiotics.  Dr B was among the first doctors to listen to and treat people suffering from Lyme.  His paper, Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease reflects years of experience with complex patients.   He also participates in forming the ILADS guidelines:  

Ritchie Shoemaker,  Surviving Mold   :  :  Dr Shoemaker’s book is the only comprehensive book about restoring health after it has been damaged in the presence of water damaged buildings.  It is NOT an easy read.  He uses patient cases to illustrate the complex issues treats  Unfortunately there is no index to this book.  You might prefer to  buy the kindle version, which can then be searched using the Kindle App. 
Kenneth Singleton:  The Lyme Disease Solution: 
This is the book I wish I had written.  Dr Singleton is trained in Functional Medicine.  He writes clearly and  explains why a holistic approach is important.  His explanations are clear and following  his recommendations is the best way I know of to regain health.    TO order this book,

Stephen Buhner:  Healing Lyme: 
Stephen Buhner’s book contains some of the best science writing about Lyme.   He explains how Lyme undermines the immune system and offers herbs as a partial solution.   The book is technical, but provides the most detailed and helpful view of Lyme and the herbs that can help restore health.   Buhner also writes on a website, Healing

Pamela Weintraub: Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic: 
This book provides a history of the Lyme controversy.  A  wonderfully written book about people suffering with lyme.    Interwoven with the harrowing stories of very ill people is a detective novel like depiction of the war between the doctors who treat lyme and the Infectious Disease community.  This book provides disturbing answers to  the question I hear so often:  “why don’t other doctors  believe that l chronic lyme is a problem?”   It is not a pretty story. .  This is a good starting place.  If you are very ill, these procedures will not get you down to the level you require.

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