Digestive Disorders:  Testing

Fortunately, testing for and treating digestive disorders is relatively straightforward and is covered by some insurance providers.   I am astounded by how many people with chronic health problems also have digestive problems.  When the digestive imbalances are addressed, the problems almost invariably improve or resolve.  The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis from GSDL is the test I most often choose for this.  I choose it because it seems to give me good results and because most insurance companies will pay for it.  Other stool testing labs do not work with insurance companies. 

Another test I often perform in people with digestive problems is an antigliadin antibody test, which indicates whether your body has developed antibodies against wheat.  Unfortunately wheat allergy is a very common problem.  Wheat allergy can cause far reaching difficulties.   According to an article in the Lancet,  "Antigliadin antibody estimation should be part of the routine investigation of any patient with neurological dysfunction of unknown cause.