Natural Progesterone Therapy


A very popular book by Dr. John Lee promotes the use of natural progesterone by women during perimenopause and menopause.  This treatment, which has not been rigorously studied, does seem to help many women.  There is no evidence that natural progesterone is dangerous. 


There has been confusion about progesterone because the same studies discredited Premarin also showed Provera to be quite dangerous.  This was not news.  The dangers of provera were clear long before its use in Prempro.  Provera is a synthetic progesterone-like molecule that was intentionally made to be different from progesterone so that pharmaceutical companies could obtain a patent.  When taking provera, blood tests for progesterone are negative.  It is a progestin, but it is not progesterone.  To use the information about the dangers of Provera to indict natural progesterone, is, I think not wise.  We have no evidence that natural progesterone is dangerous.  Further studies are  underway.  The Prempro was a huge fiasco perpetrated on women by a drug company.  Overreacting to the information will not help.


Here are the beneficial effects of "natural" progesterone:



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