Communication and Phone Calls

It is a basic principle of medical care that nothing can replace an office visit when it comes to explaining symptoms, going over test results, and making plans for care.  Given that phone calls faxes and email are not an acceptable way to be medically managed, it is my office policy that your health issues are never discussed in detail by phone or email.  Instead, such discussions require an office visit.

If any significant changes in your condition have occurred, you must be seen.  I realize that trips to the office may involve some hardship, but this is a firm policy developed with your best interests in mind.  It also protects me from medical liability. 

If we have done blood work, we will discuss it at your follow up visit.    The tests used for people with chronic illness are complex and the decisions we will need to make based on these tests require discussion.   As you leave your first visit to our office, we will make a follow up appointment, usually for three to four weeks later. 

If you have quick questions you can refer to the FAQ section of the website..  For concerns that you feel need to be brought to my attention, you may email Sandy at or call her at 540 463-2882.    Please remember that we are not open on Fridays and that it may take Sandy 1-2 days to respond to your emails.  

For emergencies you should dial 911 and go to the ER.  For problems that do not involve the care you are getting from me, I suggest you contact your primary care doctor.

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