Balanced Digestion
you are what you absorb

Excellent health requires proper digestion.   Nutrients absorbed through the digestive system are fundamental to hormonal health, immunological health, proper detoxification and protection from free radicals.  Our digestive systems must interact intimately with the external environment, breaking down and absorbing nutrients while excluding toxins.  This constant contact leaves the digestive system vulnerable to damage and imbalance. For reasons touched on below, people with damaged digestive systems experience symptoms not only in their digestive systems, but in their entire bodies.   Scientists have established that there are clear links between digestive disorders and arthritis, autism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and psoriasis

When Digestion is not Balanced,

Problems  can arise in the Immune System Because

Problems can Arise With Detoxification Because

An Imbalanced Digestive System Can Be Healed with the 4R Program

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